Age: 21
Height: 170
City: Far North Queensland
Amazing how different Jilly looks when her hair different, well to me anywayВ  Should be interesting so her in a forrest/outside shoot. She’s clearly a nature girl
Gosh Jilly just looks lovelier and sexier than ever in this shoot, she’s so vibrant and beautiful.В  She just looks at home in this setting. Her pretty eyes and lovely smile have such a warmth to them.
Fantastic body too, great breasts, wonderful curves, a lovely full dark bush and even a little bit of sexy underarm hair too. Jilly, you’ve still got that natural appeal you’ve always had.



Age: 22
Height: 166
City: Melbourne
Lucy H is simply awesome. Starting off from the very first few pics, you can’t miss those lovely blue eyes and that sunny smile which is spellbounding. Lucy looks so gorgeous in that nice purple top and denim skirt, how am I going to cope when she starts taking clothes off? Thankfully Lucy reveals parts of her fantastic body one by one, giving pause to recover from the wonder each time.
Lucy’s breasts are very nice indeed, not too large but with a lovely rounded shape.В Her figure looks just as good from behind too, especially her bum! And finally she takes off those white panties to reveal a lovely full bush of dark pubic hair (the best one I have seen here recently, thank goodness). Could Lucy possibly be more sexy?
A radiant, ever so beautiful girl like Lucy is brilliant enough but playing about in the water (just after I had expressed appreciation for Abby’s water shooting in another thread and said how much I like seeing the girls get a bit wet).
Thank you Lucy you are so very nice and also Abby for a great shoot beside the sea


Hippie Goddess

Age: 21
Height: 170
City: Melbourne
Jilly shows off lots of flexibility poses that derive from her yoga positions. Then she lets us see some explicit views and does finger insertions


Kenji & Noa

The orgasms were exquisite, with Kenji cumming first under Noa’s skilled fingers. They then kiss and cuddle in the afterglow before Kenji locks eyes with Noa with a look that says “your turn, sweetheart.” Soon Noa’s panties are off and Kenji is lovingly licking and rubbing her pussy, with Noa reclining in the hammock in bliss. She fights to keep her orgasm quiet from all the people passing below, but soon throws caution to the wind, as she realizes there’s no reason to hold back when she being pleasured so wonderfully, and cums with a flushed, shuddering moan.
The girls then indulge in some lovely tribbing and 69 before Noa’s epic standing balcony orgasm, and a blur of pure pleasure envelopes the girls. It’s joyful to see such beautiful women enjoying each other so thoroughly, so thanks to Noa, Kenji and crew. It seems like Kenji has been busy getting to know Yara and Nora, so hopefully we’ll all get to see her meet a lot of of other beauties before she finally buys her return ticket back to Australia…
Gripping Noa’s petite body, Kenji pulls her in closer for a long awaited and passionate kiss.
Teasing out every moment they indulge in each other’s body, Noa’s milky white skin contrasting Kenji’s Australian tan. Not being able to keep their hands off each other, they lift off each other’s dresses and expose their breasts and full bushes as they grind against each other. Standing against the balcony, they risk being caught by onlookers but it looks like the risk of being caught only makes the sex more intense!
What more can be said about Noa that hasn’t been said before? She is simply one of the most astonishingly beautiful, sensual, wonderful women ever, and we love her so, so much. In her first AW girl-girl, gorgeous Kenji is a revelation. With her flawless body and passionate lovemaking, she seems to have born for AW. The particular charms of Australian women are why so many of us fell in love with AW, so it’s always a thrill to have an Aussie visit Amsterdam. Kenji is a perfect match for Noa: not only do they look similar with their sweet smiles, magnificent full breasts and lush pubic hair, they both seem perfectly in tune with each other’s needs and desires.


Armpit Hair

Hania takes off Laney’s sweater, revealing her red haired armpits. Taking off her shorts, she grabs Laney’s bum firmly as she pulls her bodywear to the side to insert her fingers in her wetness.
Passionately kissing each other, Laney takes off Hania’s sweater and bra uncovering her breasts and erect nipples. As she slowly takes off her stockings and panties, we see her hairy pink vulva. Grabbing her legs firmly, Laney kisses Hania’s feet as she grabs her boobs. Undressing her completely, Hania reveals her full bush as they engage in intense mutual oral and tribbing.



Craving your attention, Meagan sensually undresses for you, revealing her gorgeous pale skin, small but perfectly formed breasts and pert bum. Rolling around on her bed you get the feeling that the beds definitely too big for just one person…



Short denim skirts have never looked sexier, with lovely fair Evelyn wearing one and getting her knickers off first.